Current research

My current research explores the integration of high-end technology with traditional methods within sculpture, with a specific focus on parametric computing and its impact on idea generation. At the academy, I have been utilizing parametric computing to create 3-D works and exploring its potential for robotics. I extract results from parametric computation and apply them in practical applications, such as sculpture production.
Additionally, I am currently immersing myself in the traditional technique of Vietnamese lacquer painting, where I am studying under a master painter in Hanoi. This technique is incredibly intricate and time-consuming, but my background in traditional crafts has instilled in me a dedication to practice that guides my approach to my research.


Parametric computation is used as starting point to develop work in Vietnamese Laquer.
Laquer work is labour intensive and time consuming, as layers of pigment are supported by layers of silver or gold leaf. These hidden layers give the pigements their luminossity, as light, that travels through the pigmentation, is reflected back to the viewer.