Ekkehard Altenburger studied sculpture at the University of the Arts, Bremen, Germany and Edinburgh College of art in Scotland. He graduated in 1999 with an MA from Chelsea College of Art (University of the Arts) in London. Prior to his academic studies, he worked as master mason at the Gothic Cathedral of Schwabisch Gmund in South Germany. In 2000, he established his studio at APT studios in London, where he worked successfully as a contemporary sculptor, where he worked until 2017.
He has been guest lecturer at Canterbury College of Art and Kingston College and has taught internationally as guest Professor at the University of the Arts, Bremen and Saima University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Altenburger was resident artist at the Sculpture Space in Utica/ NY in 2005 and had a research residency at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in 2015.  

Since 2017, Altenburger serves  as Assistant Professor for Sculpture at the Academy of Visual Arts / Hong Kong Baptist University and lives and works in Hong Kong.